About my work and custom printing applications.

Jared Hendler

My art celebrates those influencing our society through online culture. An endless stream of inspiration, the personalities I document are often leaders of their communities and are in the midst of building their own historic legacy around the many issues they face.

While some are driven by narcissism, the underlying human need to connect with others on some intimate level is the most interesting as it requires us to publicly expose a part of ourselves not often seen. The public creation of personal identity, combined with the emergence of a ‘new’ celebrity for a new era is what I bring to life in my work.

The custom reproduction of my original artwork across carefully selected apparel, accessories and affordable Giclée prints enables me to bring these personalities to you in an impactful and affordable way. The artwork, especially my charcoal drawings, are taken from the best of my portraiture - simplified and presented as a striking graphic for product application.

The prints capture the best of the portraiture documenting these incredible individuals and I will be adding many more over time. If you see an original work on my website or Instagram and would love to order a print that is not available here, please reach out and I can make prints of specific works available upon request.

If you would like to know more about the work please visit my artist website at www.oilandcharcoal.com