About the T-shirts

Jared Hendler

Portraits on each T celebrate and are inspired by the personalities and influencers impacting our society through online culture.

My artwork, especially my charcoal drawings, are known for their strength of line. The T-shirt artwork is taken from the best of my portraiture - simplified and presented as a striking graphic for each T.

The figures and portraits themselves are inspired by my fascination of our obsession with creating our own identities; selfie culture - some banal, creative or just plain ludicrous. From individuals simply seeking connection - to others with wider ambitions who make a living by growing audiences that eclipse those associated with traditional celebrity. While some are driven by pure narcissism, the underlying human need to connect with others on some intimate level is the most interesting as it requires us to publicly expose a part of ourselves not often seen.

The T-shirts capture the best of my portraiture as a representation of our times. My work is a reflection of who we are now.

If you would like to know more about the work please visit my artist website at www.oilandcharcoal.com